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Welcome to <RáíD> !

Created on 7/20/10; We are a new guild, looking for members that are serious about raiding and arena teams battlegrounds. We are going to be starting 2v2/3v3/5v5's as soon as we get some decent pvp geared people, and 10HC / 25 HC Icc Raids will be starting ASAP. We have a strict report/gKick if you are caught ninja'ing, We are a strict and strait forward guild, but we'll have fun along the way.  

Guild Leader: Hiddenpriest

Guild Assistants: Imthemaster

 Guild Officers: none yet.

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Guild Created!

Hiddenpriest9272, Jul 21, 10 2:51 PM.
Welcome all, and thanks for all the people joining so far, with-in a week i am planning 2v2 and 3v3 to start, soon after 5v5. If you would like to join, whisper " Hiddenpriest " or " Beemage ". Requires atleast BG Gearset, or tanking Gearset to join. If you need help getting that gear set (not helping with tanking gear set, only the pvp gear set) Wisper one of our officers or guild assistants, and they would be glad to set you up with someone to help you in battlegrounds and our guild Jewelcrafter can make you gems.
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